Dec 10 2010

iPhone headphone remote not working

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Recently I’ve been having issues with the remote buttons on my iPhone headphones, the headphones were working fine but the volume control & call answer buttons would only work occasionally and eventually stopped working completely.

This led me to worry that either the headphones were broken or there was something wrong with my phone, fortunately the fix was much simpler. The issue was fluff collecting in the headphone socket, all I had to do to fix it was get a twist & tie and fish the fluff out, voila everything working fine again. If I can get hold of some pressurised air (as used for cleaning keyboards) I’m going to give that a go to give it a more thorough clean.

Thought I’d write quick post in case anyone else is having the same issue.

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Sep 07 2009

iPhone – inspiration enabler

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It’s something I’ve been after for ages, something that I’ll carry around without thinking about, that I can add notes on. Add ideas as I think of them and save them where they won’t get forgotten.
The last is critical, I’ve previously had a palm and various phones or smart phones with note taking capabilities, however they all fell down on one or more criteria, the most common being notes getting lost.

Syncing is all very well but that only works if you reference the sync location regularly. With the iPhone I can make notes in a relevant place, to my Blog, to my mail etc.
The more apps that I find the greater the scope for me to capture ideas. I can even draw sketches of concepts that will automatically sync with my mac. Suddenly I have the ability to capture Ideas and concepts as they occur to me. It not only makes me more productive, it also makes me blog more (as demonstrated) and less stressed as there are less things I’m focussing on keeping in my head.

For all those who have an I phone I’ll be preaching to the converted, for the rest of you I’m probably one of a miriad of voices going on about it – I can only urge you to take the leap, you won’t look back.

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Aug 19 2009

Word Press iPhone App

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Just a quick post to rave about the word press iPhone App. It’s fantastic, allowing you to compose posts offline (whilst on the tube for example), then push live once you’re ready & have connectivity.

Like most good things it’s very simple yet powerful. I intend to be blogging a lot more frequently as a result.

And it’s free =o)

As an asside – there are enough people raving about the iPhone that I don’t think I need to add my voice to the throng, except to comment that there’s no way I’d go back to my old phone….

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