May 04 2011

Cornerstone SVN – Phantom Folder Changes

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I use cornerstone to manage my SVN repositories at work and I was getting frustrated that it kept detecting changes in folder but showed no files changed in that directory.

The problem I eventually discovered was that the .DS_Store file in the folder was changing and Cornerstone was picking up that change (but not showing the file in the interface).

To avoid this in the settings go to the Subversion tab and in General add *.DS_Store to the Global Ignores.

Save and the problem goes away ;o)

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Jan 22 2009

Adobe CS3 Updates Failing on a Mac – Solution

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I’ve had Adobe CS3 installed on my Mac for a while now with automatic updates switched on, however whenever it tried to run it failed with no usefull error message. I finally switched one of the preferences so that it downloaded the dmg first and then got a sensible error message.

The issue I had was with file permissions in <User Folder>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Update5/Install. Adobe update needs to have permissions to write to the folders in this directory to update the relevant applications and it my case it didn’t (not sure if this is related to me having File Vault turned on).

The solution was to right click and ‘get info’ for each of the folders and change the permissions to allow anyone to read / write to the folder. If you’re worried about this you can change this back once the update is complete but I don’t see it as a problem.

Once I’d done that all the updates worked perfectly and my copy of CS3 is now completly up to date.

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Nov 28 2008

MacBook Docking Station

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Why don’t apple do docking stations? The setup seems perfect, my macbook has all the connections, power socket etc on one side, it could easily slide into some kind of dock…..

…. but no. Instead when I set up at home or in the office I have to plug all the cables in, including the adapter to connect to my monitor start up my macbook then close the lid and wake it from my USB keyboard so I can work off my main monitor.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mac, but there are a couple of things that would make life a lot easier.


Just found these, quite expensive but look like they should do the job. Still don’t know why Apple don’t make them…

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